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How to choose a car wash towel ?


How to choose a car wash towel?

When many car owners wash their cars, they take the towels used at home to clean the vehicle. In fact, this approach is wrong. Cleaning the car towel is not allowed to be used casually, it may cause damage to the car paint. The towel for cleaning the car must be soft and does not damage the car paint, will not fade, will not lose hair and will easily absorb water. Car owners can buy special washing towels, common microfiber towels, chamois towels, suedette towels .

Chamois and Microfiber towel which is better ?

Chamois towel is made of sheepskin, with no hair, no dust, when cleaning the vehicle will not appear hair in the body of the situation, and water absorption is very strong, soft and smooth, does not hurt the car paint, when cleaning the vehicle can quickly wipe the body of water clean.  The disadvantage is that it is expensive


Microfiber Towel is soft , In general, water absorption decontamination is good . and the price is cheap  . but some dark color towel will fade . 


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