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The importance of car interior cleaning


The car interior cleaning project is not only to make the interior look clean, but more importantly, to ensure that the interior can be used for a longer time, maintain a beautiful appearance of the car, and provide a healthy driving environment for car owners.

The interior cleaning project is currently an important project in the operation of car beauty shops. Beautiful cars believe that interior cleaning has the following four meanings:

1. Car interior cleaning gives passengers a good mood. The impact of the environment on human physiology and psychology is extremely important. We cannot control whether the sky is clear or cloudy, nor can we control the blooming and falling of flowers; But when we travel, we can control the interior decoration, cleaning, and polishing maintenance of the car interior. With a little decoration, we can change our mood. So, appropriate embellishments and decorations are still necessary.

2. Enable passengers to have good health. Car decoration cleaning and maintenance can remove stains and bacteria, providing a safe activity environment. Ensure that every part of our body comes into contact with a clean place. Regular cleaning and sterilization will provide us with a healthy and comfortable driving environment.

3. The cleaning, maintenance and sterilization of the car interior can effectively prevent the corrosion of various kinds of dirt on the car room, such as carpets, leather seats, fiber groups, and the use of special protective products. The cleaning, polishing and protection of plastic parts, leather and fiber products can greatly extend the service life of interior trim parts.

4. Extend the service life of the vehicle. Make a thorough car beautification, including polishing the plastic parts, leather and fiber products, protecting the leather and cleaning the fiber products. The polishing protection can greatly extend the interior

The service life of the component. Basic interior cleaning, maintenance, and sterilization should be carried out frequently to effectively prevent

Prevent various pollutants from corroding carpets, seats, etc. Ensure that all parts of the body that can be touched are healthy and clean, and protect the lifespan of the interior decoration.

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