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What are the characteristics of microfibers?


The reduction of fiber linear density gives the fiber many superior properties over conventional natural fibers. It can be summarized as follows:

(1) The multiple filament or yarn with the same linear density, the more the number of single fiber roots, the higher the yarn strength.

(2) The smaller the linear density of single fiber, the lower the bending stiffness, the softer the feel of yarn and fabric, the better the drape, with advanced "writing effect".

(3) The smaller the diameter of the single fiber, the larger the specific surface area of the fiber, the stronger the adsorption, the better the detergents, the better the filtration performance, and the stronger the capillary effect.

(4) The smaller the diameter of the single fiber, the higher the density of the fabric per unit area, the better the warmth of the fabric, and the waterproof permeability.